This picture says it all!

If by chance we get a snow day AGAIN tomorrow,  PLEASE study math flash cards from your child’s binder, READ, READ, READ and we are sending home the children’s most recent math assessment to review.  This assessment was taken yesterday.  It is mostly on skills we have taught.  The fractions and graphing have not been taught yet and were a part of this test as a pre-assessment to see what they already know.  We would love it if you would review this with your child.   If you would like to discuss the graphing and fraction sections that would be okay too.

I will not be able to get copies made for all students today but I am going to try and get some of the take home paper readers to send home with some of them.  If your child comes home with new ones, please read them, discuss them, ask questions about them and have your child reread them to build their fluency.

We have great parent support this year and we appreciate this greatly!


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