Math Fact Fluency

Students will be taking addition and subtraction timed tests this quarter.  The assessments are 30 problems and the students are given 3 minutes to take them.  The purpose is to assess their fact fluency.  In order to prepare the students for these, we will be taking weekly practice tests.  These are 60 problems long.  The first 30 are facts to 10 (which is what 1st graders are expected to know).  The back page, second 30, are facts to 20.  Some students in the class have already mastered or almost mastered the first 30 so we are giving them the back page as a challenge.  We are giving all students the same assessment to show growth.

Students are strongly encouraged to practice on math websites/apps and use flashcards to help with the memorization of facts. I often tell the students that learning basic facts in math is like learning sight words in reading.  Learning basic math facts “frees your brain” to help you solve larger problems; learning sight words “frees your brain” to read and understand more difficult text.  Both are important to becoming strong readers and awesome math problem solvers!

Here is a great resource to help you learn about fact fluency for first graders:

The students can practice math facts on Moby Max.

You can also print out practice pages yourself to use at home at:

We are asking you to help support your child at home by practicing facts for 5 minutes each night  – it will make a world of difference! It can be in the car, during commercial breaks of a favorite t.v. show, or a couple of minutes with a friend or sibling.


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