Recently we have had several students out for illnesses.  Some have been out multiple days.  I myself was out Friday and Monday this past weekend with sick children.  That stomach bug is horrible!

Anyways, when this is the case, we would really like for your child not to fall behind.  However, it is very difficult to make up what is missed at school.  Instead of worrying about make-up work, please read to and with your child while they are resting and after they start to feel better.  Words cannot be said about the importance of many hours of reading.  The more they read the better read.  It’s just a fact.  I often tell the students, “I can talk till I am blue in the face trying to teach you to read, but if you don’t then read at home and during free time in class, you won’t improve.”  The other way you can help your child stay on top of things at school is by practicing the addition and subtraction math facts.  Look at our list skills for each week on the website and see what this week’s math skills are.  Most everything we do these days is related to subtraction and addition in some way.  The sooner your child knows their facts the sooner math in first grade will get easier for them.

Moby Max is a wonderful website to have your child utilize on sick days.  It has math practice and language arts.  It is all differentiated for your child’s current level of ability.  The students really enjoy this website also.


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