It is officially Crunch Time

After the next 2 weeks assessments will begin.  In case you aren’t aware, the state has changed quite a few things for accountability this year.  EVERY student is expected to show one year’s growth from where they began at the beginning of 1st grade.  The measures that are being used to show this growth are Guided Reading Levels, Aimsweb Fluency Scores, End of the Year Math Assessment and an addition/subtraction 8 minute timed test.  We have 2 more weeks to increase the Guided Reading Levels.  The Fluency and Addition/Subtraction Timed Tests will be on April 4th for Aimsweb (school wide assessment).  The End of the Year Math Assessment will be given the week of April 7th (the week before Spring Break).  All of these assessments are extremely important.  I will be making several posts on ways you can help us at home to increase your child’s level of success.  We have seen AMAZING things happening with all of these growth measures (especially Math) and want to continue and extend this progress.

1st and foremost- LOTS of reading and studying subtraction facts would help greatly.  Will send more information soon.

Thank you SOOOOO much for your help!  We can’t wait to see how your children impress us!  We will be rewarding them for their hard work!

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