Research Writing

We are beginning a research writing assignment that involves research.  Yesterday your child should have come home with a paper to record 3 facts from the internet (if possible) that they find about their animal.  We will be using this as one of our resources for our assignment.  If this is a difficult task due to lack of internet, please send a note back for us and we will help them locate extra facts.  Thank you for your continued support at home.    Below is a list of all of the students and the animals they have chosen to research.  We would like these recording sheets back by Monday of next week, if possible.

Kelsey- Sea Otters

Brody- Wolves

Pamela- Pugs

Brayden- Bears

Isabelle- Labradore Retrievers

Val- Elephants

Jonah- Sharks

Luci- Dachshunds

Kyana- Sharks

Tayden- Snakes

Alyssa- Manx Cats

Natalie- Cats

Chloe- Lions

AJ- Gorillas

Braylen- Sea Turtles

Brady-  Sharks

Taylor- Guinea Pigs

Alex- Sharks

Jerry- Sharks

Eli- Snakes

Ethan- Sea Turtle

Travis- Frogs

Cody- Cats

Molly- Cats

Bobby- Beagles



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