Volunteers Needed

Boy Track and Field



Our annual Track and Field Day at C. O. Harrison will be on Friday, May 2nd. If we need to postpone because of bad weather, the Track Day will be held on Tuesday, May 6 th . 

The first grade event will take place in the afternoon. We will need four or more parent volunteers from each room to help with running the events (from 12:30-2:45).

All volunteers will need to have their background check paper work filled out and filed in the office to work this year.

If you are interested in volunteering on this day, please send to me your name, email, and phone number (yes, I have them but I am turning them in to the PE teachers and this will save me the time of hunting them down).  You will be contacted by the PE teachers. We need at least 4 volunteers by Monday, April 28th.

Also, refreshments (a drink or popsicle) for each child would be appreciated following the Track Day event. Perhaps, two or three parents who cannot be here to run the events would be willing to help by furnishing refreshments for the class.

Girl Track and Field


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