Don’t let the Spring Fever Catch YOU!!

Parents and Families,

As we move towards the end of the school year the students are obviously getting rather excited.  We have been discussing the idea of being “appropriately excited”.  Many of our friends are having a very difficult time making good choices on a day to day basis.  Color change consequences don’t seem to have an effect on some of us any longer.  Please remind your child that as the year winds down, it is just as important to make good choices as it was on the first day of school.

To help provide them some extra incentive to make good choices we will be having random lottery drawings on unannounced days.  They may be daily, every other day, or once every 4 days etc.  Lottery tickets will be given out for excellent behavior choices.  Students will also receive a lottery ticket at the end of each day for remaining on green.

We would love any and all dollar store type donations to go in the lottery prize box (beach balls, glow sticks, bubbles, anything that is larger than a normal prize box trinket).  Students will not get to choose the prize it will be a surprise.

We would also like to give popsicles out on hot days after recess as a treat for excellent classwide behavior.  If anyone can donate some, that would be great.


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