Enrichment Day Is This Week!!

Enrichment Day is coming up this Friday, May 9!

Thank you to those families who volunteered to donate food items or help on Enrichment Day! You should receive a confirmation slip today that will indicate the food item(s) to send in.

Please review the following reminders for this day:

As noted in this week’s Colonel’s Corner, Enrichment Day is a special day designated for the students, and not intended as a family involvement day.  Due to overcrowding, it is asked by the Enrichment Day coordinators that you not come to school to join your child’s class unless you have been confirmed and assigned to a specific task on that day.

You must have a completed background check on file in order to be allowed into classrooms on this day. Parking is limited to staff and professional presenters, so please make necessary arrangements.

Please be sure your child has a packed lunch and drink on Friday, 5/9, if this is what you indicated on your child’s lunch count form that was sent home a few weeks ago.

Also, since we will be moving throughout the building and throughout the school grounds (along with the rest of the school), it is helpful if all students wear red like they did on Track and Field day.

Thank you for your cooperation and help in making this a successful day for our students!


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