Can’t thank you enough…

Thank You

Wow!  Words cannot  thank you enough for the incredible support we received from you this year.  Teaching can be challenging and stressful.  There were many changes made this year that required lots of time, hard work, and brain power.  Through these changes we were blessed with a class of adorable, hard working students that made this year more bearable.  After a post expressing how amazing this class was, one parent commented that she knew we said this every year.  We can honestly tell you that in all our years of teaching, we have never had a class with so many dynamic and cute little personalities.  As teachers, we do love all of our students, it is true.  However, this group is particularly special.  Thank you for entrusting us with this portion of your student’s life journey.  We have had an amazing year!


  • thank you for volunteering and giving us help when needed;
  • thank you for donating items to make this year amazing for these little guys and gals;
  • thank you for regularly looking through students’ backpacks for notes and messages sent home;
  • thank you for calling in when your child was absent from school;
  • thank you for making sure your children spent time reading at home;
  • thank you for working on homework and reviewing skills;
  • thank you for emailing to tell us when you were pleased;
  • thank you for emailing us when you were concerned;
  • thank you for supporting us;

and last but not least,

  • thank you for being the wonderful parents that you are!

Sincerely, Mrs. Junker & Mrs. Boles






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