Dear Parents and Students,

I am very excited to share a wonderful website with you to help our students practice and learn their weekly spelling words. Mrs. Betas, a first-grade teacher here at C.O.H., has graciously created and shared her webpage information with our class at www.spellingcity.com. Our Room 20 students will be able to access this account and interactively practice their weekly spelling words.

*Log on to the Spelling City website using the link under the “Language Arts” heading on the right-hand side of this page, then follow these steps:

1. Click on the second box from the left that says “Find A List.”

2. Next to “Enter Search Term,” type in the last name Betas then click “Search.”

3. Scroll down and you should see the name (Stephanie Betas) listed under “Search Results.”

4.  Click on the name, then click on the spelling list for the assigned week(s). The weekly list will be available after the students take their Monday pre-test.

5.  Click on “games”, “s-test” (where your child can type spelling words as you dictate them), or “teach” to explore each section!

There are great FREE activities  for your child to do on the website to make their spelling practice fun each week! Both the regular spelling list and the challenge list are available for practice.

Encourage your student to become familiar with this site and its features.

One of the students’ favorite games to play is “Hang Mouse.”  Be sure to check it out!


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