Assessments and Report Cards

Report Cards

Below is a list of the assessments that make up your child’s report card.

Spelling Dictation (2 per quarter) – Students are expected to write 10 spelling words within the context of sentences, to measure how they apply spelling within writing.

Phonics Assessments (2 per quarter) – Students will demonstrate phonetic skills practiced throughout the quarter (short vowels, etc). These tests are factored along with your child’s spelling tests for a spelling grade.

Spelling Tests-  Students take a spelling test every other week.  This is factored into the grade along with the Phonics Assessments from above.

Math Assessments (3 for each math standard) and Chapter Tests (3 per quarter) – these assessments are averaged for your child’s math grade.

High Frequency Words (32 words for 1st Quarter) – Please continue to practice your child’s sight words at home.  We have been sending updated lists of 10 words as your child has mastered previous ones.  We are so excited to see how quickly they are working their way through the 1st grade list.

Guided Reading Level – expectation is Level D.   Just to review-  Students are leveled with a letter, starting with A.  At the end of Kindergarten, students were expected to be a level C.  By the end of 1st Grade, students are expected to be reading at a Level I.  1st Qtr. expectation is a D, 2nd Qtr. expectation is an E, 3rd Qtr. expectation is a G and the 4th Qtr. expectation is an I.


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