Reading Tips and Great Resources


Things Parents Can Say to Help Their Children with Reading

Helpful prompts to use when listening to your child read
“Look at the picture.”

“Make the first sound, then go back and reread.”

“How does the word begin?”

“Read across the word.”

“Do you see any parts you know?”

“Does that word make sense?”

“Does that word look right?”

“Does that word sound right?”

“Go back and reread the whole sentence.”

Are you looking for good and affordable leveled readers for your children?

Here are some great resources…

1. FREE INSTALL: Fun Reading App for your iPad. These books are leveled, full color, and only .99 cents each.


Click on this link:

Who Can Read? Book Reader for the iPad at the iTunes App store

2. WHERE TO BUY LEVELED BOOKS: A few great publishers that offer affordable leveled readers:

Pioneer Valley Books

Reading Reading Books

Rigby (PM Readers)

Pebble Books 8409

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