Friends of Ten

Friends of Ten

Knowing combinations to ten, also known as Compliments of Ten, is helpful as a strategy for solving addition facts and adding addition facts with 3 addends.  It can also be helpful in knowing subtraction facts when subtracting from 10.   Picking out the “Best Friends of 10” makes adding numbers easier by finding and grouping tens first, then adding the remaining numbers.
We used these stories to teach the Compliments of Ten to the students.  They remember these addition facts a lot quicker when they think of these stories.  Please ask you child to teach you the reasons these pairs are “friends”.

10 + 0

Ten and Zero are best friends because they have a lot in common. They both contain zeros. When Zero is alone, he is always a little confused, so Ten likes to be there to help him out.

1 +  9

One and Nine are also best friends. Nine is a body builder with strong muscles. He goes to the gym every day. One admires Nine’s muscles and wants to be like him. Nine is trying to help One become big and strong, so they spend a lot of time working out at the gym.

2 + 8

Two and Eight are best friends because Two always lets Eight know how many circles he has in his body.

5 + 5

Five and Five are best friends for obvious reasons – they are twins!

3 + 7

Three and Seven are best friends because Three is bumpy and roundish, and Seven is straight with an angle. They are also both proud that they are “open” shapes.

4 + 6

Four and Six are best friends because they are shaped like noses. More specifically comic character noses.  Six has a round nose, and Four has a pointed one. They never get tired of talking to each other about their noses.


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