Letter from our Gym Teacher- Ms. Wallbaum

   A fond farewell

 To My Students:

As many of you already know this is my last year of teaching, as I will be retiring.  I had planned on being with you all for most of the school year, but sometimes things happen that are beyond your control.

I wanted you to hear this from me directly, but in order for all my students to hear this news at the same time, I decided to write this letter and have your homeroom teachers read it to you on the same day.  All of you are important to me, but God and my family come first.  My family has been dealing with some serious illnesses, so today- Thursday, October 23rd, will be my last day at C.O.  My new job will be to take care of my sister.  I will not be back to C. O. before my scheduled retirement date in March.  Please know this was a very hard decision for me and I care about all of you.  I want you to still work very hard on your fitness for the new teacher who will be taking over my classes. Your fitness is very important for your health.  I know that you will succeed because the students at C. O. are the best.

Your teacher,

Ms. Wallbaum


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