Lockdown Drill

School Lockdown


Today we will practice a Lockdown Drill, as we have done many times in the past.  However, this will be a bit different and may prompt some questions from your children.

We will begin with the following video filmed by the district which includes many familiar faces.

Then we will prompt a discussion with the students as to why we do drills and what we will do during this one.   We will approach the conversation drawing on the background knowledge children have about “stranger danger” and let them know that we need to be aware of this at school also.  This is the first drill that students will be told that it is okay, in fact encouraged, to slide furniture and classroom equipment in front of our classroom door.  Today, Mrs. Boles and myself will just slide a few desks in front of the door so it is not too overwhelming.

Please know that we will approach this matter with confidence and compassion for your children.  It is our training that we draw from in the event of a true emergency.  Trust that our district is prepared in our training.


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