TEC Message from Mr. Kessler

Greetings C.O. Harrison Families,


The safety and security of each Colonel is our top priority.  To ensure our students and staff are prepared for an intruder on campus, C.O. Harrison Elementary practiced a lockdown drill using the new district safety protocol.  In preparation of the building wide drill, each classroom viewed the district created safety video, which may be found on C.O. Harrison’s homepage by clicking the ‘About’ link at the top of the page and then clicking the ‘Elementary Safety Training’ link.  Following the video, each classroom teacher facilitated a discussion with students regarding the importance of listening to the teacher at all times during an emergency situation.   Our staff has been trained by local police departments regarding best practices for keeping students safe. 


Effective communication is also an essential part of any emergency plan.  All parents should receive a TEC message and this email.  If you received one and not the other it is essential that you update the phone numbers and email addresses we have on file at C.O. Harrison.  This may be done by emailing your student’s homeroom teacher with the updated information.  Also, please be sure an Emergency Medical Authorization (EMA) form has been completed for each of your students for the 2014-15 school year.  Completion of the EMA must be completed each year.  In closing, it is the responsibility of our entire school community to help keep our students safe.  Please do not hesitate contacting school if you notice suspicious behavior or people in unauthorized parts of campus during the school day.


Thanks and have a great day!


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