Online Fluency Practice Pages


We discussed fluency at conferences and I told you that your child will be expected to read 32 words per minute at the end of January for Aimsweb.  I told you that we will be sending reading passages home in the homework binders and that we will be working on this at school as well.  Below is a link to passages you can print out online.  The more reading your child does, the better.

Online Fluency Passages to print out

When reading the passages, have your child read through once while timing them for 1 minute.  If they get stuck on a word, you may give them the word after 3 seconds.  If they don’t read a word correctly, do not give them the word, just mark it wrong.  Once the timer goes off, count up the words they read correctly.  Have them read it several more times trying to beat their previous scores.


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