At this point I think the stomach bug has hit just about all of us, including myself.

There are some nasty germs going around.

We have disinfected the room just about everyday over the past week and have really reinforced the hand washing.

To review the school illness policy, students are not to come to school unless they have been fever free without being controlled by medicine for 24 hours.  If they have vomited or had diarrhea within 12 hours, they should not come to school.  Although, please use your discretion on this, if you feel your child’s stomach is still “not right”, please keep them at home.  Even though 12 hours have gone by they may not be out of the woods.

Attendance is very important and we would like all students to be here everyday, however, fever and stomach illnesses cause more of an issue in the long run for the class as a whole.


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