Call me a Grinch…


Yesterday we sent home a homework packet.  The packet was to cover this week and the week we get back from the break.  We have a spelling test the first Friday we get back.

The spelling pages and the reading log are expected to be completed by the students and turned in the Friday after the break (the day of the spelling test).

We also included some extra work that can be done over the break.  If the entire packet is turned in completed, we will reward students with a small treat.  The reading log can be completed with the paper readers and/or Accelerated Reader books.

Some of the math covers concepts that we have not yet taught but should be a review of skills introduced in Kindergarten.

These skills will come up later in the year.

We just sent home new take home readers today for the updated levels.  We are so proud of the progress the students have made in their reading and we really don’t want them to regress over the break.  This is especially important for the students that are reading at a D level or below.  Please see the new take home reader covers to confirm your child’s reading level now that they have been re-leveled.  The end of the quarter is very soon after we return.  The students will be assessed on their reading level and their fluency, along with other writing and math assessments.  The Guided Reading Level expectation is a Level E and the words per minute expectation is 32 words per minute.  It is very important that your child reads over the break to reach these goals.  Included in the packet were some poems.  These are to help build your child’s fluency (words per minute read).


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