3rd Quarter Math Goals

3rd Quarter Math Goals

  • Use objects, pictures, and numbers to represent tens and ones
  • Group objects to show numbers to 100 as tens and ones
  • Read and write numerals to 120
  • Make a model to solve problems
  • Model and compare two digit numbers using symbols (< less than, > greater than, = equal to)
  • Identify numbers that are 10 less and 10 more than a given number
  • Add and subtract within 20
  • Draw a model to add and subtract tens
  • Use a hundred chart to find sums
  • Add ones and tens to a two-digit number
  • Make a ten to add a two-digit number
  • Use tens and ones to add two-digit numbers
  • Order objects by length
  • Measure length using nonstandard units
  • Tell, write and draw time to the hour and half-hour
  • Analyze and compare data shown in a graph and a tally chart

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