Please Work on These Words


When you see this page come home:


Please work on the words listed for your child.  The picture is just an example of what it looks like.  Every child has different words on this paper.  Each 3 days to a week, we assess your children to see which new words we should give them.  AS SOON as you feel your child knows the words, please let us know you think we need to assess and give 10 more words.


Your child should know these words within 3 seconds of looking at them.  These words are not mastered if your child has to sound them out or think about them at all.  Think about it- do you have to stop and think about the word “the”?  If so, it slows your reading down.  Imagine how long it takes to read if you have to think about all those frequent words?  Would you understand what you read if you had to think about 5 out of 7 words in a sentence?


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