Your child’s success in school is a joint effort on your part and ours.  There are many times throughout the year that require dual communication between the all of us.  We, as parents ourselves, understand the sometimes immediate need to talk with your child’s teacher.

If a situation arises and you need to discuss a concern, accomplishment or new development with us please contact us in one of the following ways:

Remind App:  Send a text message to: 81010 with the message @junkboles in the message box (this is probably the way that will get the quickest response from us) and    (This is probably the way that will get the quickest response from us)

Phone:  513-922-1485   Leave a voicemail or if we are not teaching, we can speak with you.  It is very difficult for us to get to the phone during the day.  Again, text or email will get the quickest response.

Conference:  If more time is needed to discuss a matter, we can schedule a conference before, after or during my planning period (1:15-1:55).

Most problems or concerns can be solved with a quick email. We would appreciate you address any concerns with us personally before contacting administration as typically any problem is due to misinterpretation or can be solved by a quick conversation.  Thank you!

PLEASE do not show up before, after or during school unannounced and expect to be able to speak with us.  School days are very busy and we are often in a meeting, planning for a lesson, or best of all- teaching your children.  🙂


One thought on “Communication

  1. Hello my name is Jill Myers mother of Johnny Myers. Johnny will be in your class this year and we are looking forward to another great year!

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