Room 20 Computer Usage Information


We are just beginning to use Google Chromebooks in the classroom! Your child will be assigned a Chromebook, Username and Password, which will eventually be found on a label inside your child’s agenda. The Username is the same as their student identification number (6- digit).  They are to keep the password as private as possible. PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR STUDENT TO MEMORIZE HER/HIS STUDENT NUMBER.  This is the same number they use for lunch.

The Chromebooks will be assigned to your child and will remain theirs every year until their senior year.  They should be reminded about the responsibility of  taking care of these computers and effort/consequences it will be to replace.  Accidents happen and we can understand if a computer is dropped unintentionally, but they will be expected to be extra careful with them.  The district offers a $20 insurance to cover anything that happens to the computer that is not due to normal wear and tear.

You will notice that your child’s password is a combination of numbers and lowercase letters, and is case-sensitive, meaning it MUST be entered correctly and exactly as it appears in order to log on to the computers at school. This is new for students this year, and will be quite a challenge for many students to type correctly the first several times we use laptops.

In order to make this as easy for everyone involved, I am asking that you help your child practice how to type (using the shift key) this information at home.  If you can, simply have them type their 6-digit number and password using any word processing program, so they can become familiar with the keyboard and finding numbers, the shift key, and letters.  If students are able to practice at home with your one-on-one help, it will make the logging in process quicker and less frustrating for the students at school.

If you have not already done so, please send in headphones for your child to use at school. Your student must have his/her agenda at school each day to refer to his/her login information when we use computers.  


Accelerated Reader (AR)*

We have not begun AR at this point in the school year, but more information will be sent home as soon as we are up and running.  Students will need several weeks of laptop practice before I am able to have them take their computerized reading level test. Thank you for your patience!

Please contact me if you have any issues, questions, or concerns about this computer information.  Thank you for your help and support at home!


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